2000 Toyota Camry Q&A

2000 Toyota Camry Question: can someone help me my camry97?

it run good but it lower rpm. i have been changing egr, idle and clean the throttle body but it's the same. -
Answer 1
check for a vacuum leak -
Answer 2
possible vacuum leak -
Answer 3
Could you rephrase the symptoms and what you have done (english). Have you inspected the idle air control motor? .......................air intake restriction + not enough fuel=low idle. -
Comment 1
I have already changed the new idle air control, but it didn't seem to help. Can you help me with another way? -
Comment 2
Is the problem LOW idle or low power at other RPM range? Your question and symptom description was very confusing to me. -
Comment 3
It's the RPM that I'm wondering about. So the problem I have is when I start the engine the RPM would be normal, but when it warms up, the RPM would drop down to 0 and the same goes to stop signs or stopping at the red lights. When I drive, then RPM would be back on normal cause it has to and whenever I stop, like I said it would drop to 0. So do you have any ideas to help? -
Comment 4
Is it stalling and you have to re-start it , or do you have to keep your foot on the gas to keep it running at a light? Have you at any time messed with the 'base' idle screw? -hopefully not. '0' RPMs would mean it's not running , so either your tach is not accurate or I'm not understanding something in your description. -