Can replacing the front rotors and pads cause sensor miscommunications? on 2006 Mercedes-Benz E500

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Just recently had this service (and had valve cover gaskets replaced in same service) and ESC unavailable was displayed in dash when starting car to leave. Car immediately returned to service dept. (never left pkng lot) and then after this was supposedly corrected after turning off then on vehicle by dlrshp the radio, Nav system did not work. 1.5 days later car was dead, stone dead couldn't even turn key in ignition???
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The short answer is yes, if the sensors were not correctly installed. I don't know why the battery and whole electrical system went, dead, but poor installation of brake parts can definitely cause ABS sensor issues.
Thanks for info. I have more detail about issue. My wife actually picked up her vehicle and she said the error that was reading on dash was "ABS malfunction" please take car to dealership for service not "ESC unavailable" as I had stated. Regardless, the ABS sensors could be affected according to you. Dealership says they have computer printout which does NOT show any problems with system. My wife said when she did leave dealership and after filling gas tank across the sterrt, she could not get radio to work , nav system didn't work and the dislpay in screen just said Mercedes Benz. She drove car next night and she said it felt very "heavy" and in route to her destination, low battery light came on as well as ABS warning. next morning car was dead. it is presently at dealership and they say after jumpstarting everything is fine and they have no data on what was wrong. They have top tech coming in to eval today.
I have same problem but was the result of a key I believe. I have to turn the key numerous times and pull in and out before I can get everything to come on. once the gauges and radio come on it works fine until I stop again. I feel it must be key. However, I did replace brakes the week before the key went swimming