Can Rear suspention brckt detach cause loss of 4 WD on 2000 Honda Passport

Honda recently issued a recall on 1998 -2002 Honda Passport for the rear suspension lower link bracket. Vehicles titled in states where they use a lot of salt are suseptible to corrosive damage and the bracket can fail and cause serious handling problems. I noticed the handling problems and about two weeks ago during the first good snow, I could not get my 4 whl drve to engage. When I took my vehicle in for the inspection yesterday, they deemed no longer safe to operate. When the lower link detached from the frame, it tore a big hole that can't be fixed. I was told honda would contact me in the next couple weeks and offer me a buyout price. I was also told that price would reflect the broken 4 whl drve. Is it possible that the failure of that bracket in the rear suspension has anything to do with the 4 whl drve failing?? Does anyone know anything about negotiating a matter such as this??

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If the bracket failed, and allowed the lower link to come loose, then sure it could damage something, including 4wd components.
As far as negotiating a price, it is pretty much on their hands, at least that was my experience when I sold my old Volvo. They have a blue book and look up the market price and that is it. I hope that it works out better for you.