Can Prestone Power Steering with Stop Leak or be used in the ML320 P/S system? on 2003 Mercedes-Benz ML320

I have a slow leak requiring a few ml of fluid every month or so. I have some MB P/S fluid, but would like to stop the leak without costly repairs.

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I agree with Precision Import, stop leak is really only a band aid. It is designed to be a seal sweller. I have seen dishonest car salesmen put bake fluid in transmissions and power steering systems to slow down leaks.
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If the leak is from a p/s hose or a bad enough seal leak within the p/s pump, there is no stop leak avaiable to stop the leak. Some stop leaks work ok at swelling seals to keep them from seeping, but this is never a complete repair. I consider that just a bandaid at best. If you want to try a p/s stop leak try the one from Lucas. This is much better than the Prestone and will probably mix ok with the MB fluid.Just remember to stop the leak more than likely something will need to be replaced. You also need to remember that this system is under pressure and as the leak gets worse the more quickly the fluid will leak.