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2006 Ford Fusion Question: Can OBD II Code P0128 affect my AC?

Can OBD II Code P0128 affect my AC? My check engine light came on, read this code. Im wondering if that is why my AC only blows hot air, or is ANOTHER thing wrong? :S -
Answer 1
128 is when the motor does not reach normal operating temp. usually from a bad thermostat. the hot air is probably a freon issue and needs to be checked. Roy -
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my air does the same thing and I had Freon added. it still blows hot air... what to do -
Answer 2
p0128-coolant temp insufficient for closed loop operation.you need a thermostat for this concern. I just repaired 3 fusions in a row for this and my a/c tech repairs/replaces the evaporator temp sensor,which requires the dash to be removed for this. not for sure your car will need this for the a/c concern,just see it a lot! -
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got the same code on my ford fusion and the a/c stopped cooling. Turned out that my evaporator temp sensor was broke. Cost over 500.00 to replace this 20.00 dollar part. It did fix my a/c but did not stop the code and engine light from coming on. The fusion idles ruff is it my thermostat, idle control valve, or coolant temp sensor that goes to the ecm? -
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most common problem for rough idle on fusions,especially when they have over 50k miles is the pcv tube.it will get soft and spongy and will collapse and/or suck a hole in it,causing a vacuum leak and lean codes. -
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is a thermostat expensive to replace? -