Can my jeep run if its missing any sensors at all. on 1998 Jeep Cherokee

Had work done on crank shaft sensor maybe 3 months ago. Pretty sure it was crankshaft,,, i did not take it in. It would not start like i ran out of gas. So they said it was a sensor. boom fixed.

Just changed my break pads....ran soooo good... all of sudden i hear a weird sound like something fell inside my hood. My serpentine belt was tore off....had a weird piece of plastic stuck under my water pump and the the round thing under that. Found a wire broken and a piece at the end that should have been bolted down. Could that be my old sensor that they just left siting in there. Would i know if i lost any other sensors.

I think my water pump got a little compromised.......its running a little hot. How would i know if its missing something. i have the part and it sure looks like a crankshaft sensor. By looking it up. Anything you can say will help.

I'm scared to drive any where long distance.

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Check engine light on? If it still runs, don't think it's missing anything. You can go to a parts store and have them look at that part and see what it is. Hard to believe it took 3 monts to show up though, but it's possible if it is indeed the old crank sensor. Not much you can do except just TALK to the repair shop to see what can be done, if anything.
Thanks a were very helpful. No light ever came on even when it broke down and not now.
You are welcom,
well..... ya know, stuff happens! Water pump should be ok.
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