Can mdx be driven with tight exhaust valves? on 2004 Acura MDX

Is it safe to drive the mdx with the exhaust valves being tight?

Asked by for the 2004 Acura MDX
It is not advisable to drive with valves that are too tight.
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Who said they're not adjusted correctly?

As they heat up while your running the valvetrain expands. If the clearances too tight now your valves won't fully seat and you'll burn them needing an expensive valve job costing over $2,400.00. My Dublin shop could perform the valve adjustment for $360.00 plus the gaskets.
hi, my check engine/VTM light has been going on and off for a while. I did the major tune at 109,000(current miles is 118,000). This did not include a valve inspection or adjustment. My mechanic said that the Acura dealer in San Jose recommended a valve adjustment and to replace the ignition coils. I'd like a second opinion. Would your shop be able to look at my MDX soon? Contact me at 510.227.9650. Thanks
Sure, just call Jon at Dublin Auto. (925)828-0243