can I use any brand or walmart brand full synthetic engine oil? on 2008 BMW 528i

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my first bmw car ,how many miles should i change engine oil? can I use any brand or walmart brand full synthetic engine oil? how many miles should i change the transmission fluid ? can I use any brand or walmart brand
transmission fluid ? thanks
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I change my oil every 3,000 miles using Castrol oil, see your manual for oil change I think it says 7,500 miles between oil change but this is when you use exspensive oil recomended by the dealer. I was told by the dealer that the transmisson oil was life time and never needs changing.
Use an oil which is approved by BMW, such as Mobil1 5W40 or 0W40 with a good quality oil filter (original BMW or Mann) and based on your driving habits replace it every 5000-7500 miles.
Replace coolant (USE ONLY BMW blue coolant) every 4 years and brake fluid every 2 years. Find a good BMW specialty shop in your area, they will help you to keep your car in good shape for many more miles if you follow a pro recommendations.
This engine block made of magnesium, required aluminum bolts to the engine block, since steel bolts can not be used with Mg. All aluminum bolts HAS TO BE DISPOSED AND REPLACED by a new one once it was removed (they IDd by blue paint on the head) and very important to torque it to the correct specs, otherwise the cyl.head or engine block will be damaged.

Enjoy your new vehicle and drive safely.