Can I turn off the "service Engine Soon", light without taking it to a ealer. on 1997 Infiniti I30

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Just changed the oil today. While riving later, "service engine soon" light came on. Engine has recently been checked and serviced so ok.

Dealer says I have to bring to him to turn off. Can I do it myself.
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i would not have it re set. there is critical data called freeze frame data that will assist the person repiring the car. re setting it will not fix the problem.

Most of the local auto parts stores nowdays will plug in a scanner and retrieve codes for you. They will likly turn it out for you, also. I fthey can attach to your vehicle that is an option but I would make sure to see what codes may be in the computer memory as even though it seems to run ok the cel may be picking up on something that needs attention.