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1998 Chevrolet Malibu Question: can I take out my radio that says theftlock,out of my 98 malibu & install new cd

I have a 98 chevy malibu w a radio that has the words theftlock on it.The radio works but I'd like to install a new stereo.Can I just unhook the battery and do the removal/onstallation or will something need to be done first regarding the theftlock? -
Answer 1
It's only for the factory radio itself........you can install any stereo you want to.....no problem! -
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thanks,I wasn't sure if it was wired to the ignition or something -
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U welcom.... If you haven't already got the stereo....check out Crutchfields......can't beat them!....they got everything you need to do this install.... And i do mean everything! -
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I got my pioneer from crutchfield yesterday & put it in,but my fm reception is poor.I didn't do anything w the blue wires because one said sytem remote & the other end of the harness said "power antenna".I think the problem may lie with the ground wire though -
Comment 4
Contact Chruchfield...that's another good thing about them....troubleshooting! -