Can I still drive my van after clearing out the po 303 code. on 1996 Chevrolet Express 1500

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After replacing crank sensor,fuel filter, fuel pump,spark plugs,plug wires,cap and rotor the po303 code comes back on after a while. I plan on taking a little trip in it,will I break down or cause a bigger problem. The van seems to run fine. Just runs a little ruff for about a minute then seems fine.
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Is the check engine light flashing/blinking while driving?
It starts out blinking for about 10 seconds or so then stays on What do I do next
I will offer a guess, #3 injector has a problem, fuel pressure leak down test needed to confirm. As long as the light is not blinking, it should be ok to drive. These injectors are under the intake plenum on all three engine options for this van. You didn't say which you have! In this case it doesn't matter, they'er all the same. It needs to visit a mechanic for final testing and repair!
Thanks for the info Pushrod. The light seems to come back on when the van sits for a while for its not our daily driver. I hope I make it to Galveston and back with no problems. I've already spent 1500 dollars on it and don't know how much more I want to spend. But thanks for the info.
U R Welcom, I think you will be ok driving it! The rough run for a few min. is just the fuel clearing out of #3, I figure. Y'all have a good trip!
Thanks and I'll let ya know the next step I take with this thing.