1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Q&A

1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Question: Can i replace the ABS speed sensors myself at home?

The brakes seem to grab and a grinding/groaning sound comes from the front end at certain speeds when i apply the brakes. -
Answer 1
Had the ABS scanned? -
Comment 1
Yes, it has been scanned by a Chev dealer. -
Comment 2
4x4? And which sensor is at falt? -
Comment 3
mThe dealer said the sensors that sit on the wheels. So I did reasearch the locationn n find out where they are and how to install them. Front sensors -
Comment 4
Well go for it but if it is a FOUR WHEEL DRIVE it is a little tougher. Basic tools is all you need except for the big axle nut on a 4X4! -
Comment 5
yes it is a 4x4, and we have just the huge wrench for the job. This dealership who gave me the estimate, did a job on us this summer so I am a bit leery BUT, because of the ongoing brake problem, changing brake pads, rotors etc and none of it does the fix, I do believe what their saying on this problem. -