Can i replace the ABS speed sensors myself at home? on 1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

The brakes seem to grab and a grinding/groaning sound comes from the front end at certain speeds when i apply the brakes.

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Had the ABS scanned?
Yes, it has been scanned by a Chev dealer.
4x4? And which sensor is at falt?
mThe dealer said the sensors that sit on the wheels. So I did reasearch the locationn n find out where they are and how to install them. Front sensors
Well go for it but if it is a FOUR WHEEL DRIVE it is a little tougher. Basic tools is all you need except for the big axle nut on a 4X4!
yes it is a 4x4, and we have just the huge wrench for the job. This dealership who gave me the estimate, did a job on us this summer so I am a bit leery BUT, because of the ongoing brake problem, changing brake pads, rotors etc and none of it does the fix, I do believe what their saying on this problem.

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If it's only a ABS problem & the wheel bearings are ok, you don't need to pull
the axle, the sensor can be removed by itself. it's right behind the steering knuckle,
one small bolt holding it down.Remove the tire & you'll see it, just follow the black wire.
Just spray some penetrating oil before removing it's
plastic & can break, use a pliers or vise grip to shift it left & right as you lift it out. 30 minute job.
Hope this helps
No the axle does not need to be removed.. the 'axle nut'... Got to get the backing plate out of the way on the 1998 year model..! I guess it could be 'bent' out of the way enough to get at the sensor but I have t tried that method... Later years have a slot cut in the plate.