Can I replace my tail light socket myself? on 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier

My left taillight (Back-up, brake & blinker) works sporadically, the right works fine. I have checked the fuse and replaced the bulbs. I believe there must be a short or a disconnect in the socket because if I jiggle the bulb I can get it to work for a minute or two. Is this a repair I can do myself?

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Can get new at parts store or used at salvage yard, should be same wire colors so should be straight forward. Cut the wires up close to the old one, make sure you leave plenty of wire out of the new one, recommend do not cut wires straight across but stagger them so connectors are not all in one place when done, strip back insulation, recommend using connectors that have solder inside that when heated they melt or crimp type that when heated has shrink tube on the wire to keep moisture out. If you just butt connect or twist together and tape then the likelyhood of water getting in goes up.