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2001 Toyota Tacoma Question: Can I replace a air fuel sensor (upstream) myself?

I recently replaced the fuel filter. Now the check engine light has come on and codes are as follows: p0125, p1135 & p1130. Advise? -
Answer 1
P0125 = low coolant temp, Check your coolant level and thermostat operation. P1135 & P1130 are both = Air/fuel sensor codes. Yes you can change an air/fuel sensor yourself, just make sure you use some anti-sieze on the threads, dont over torque the sensor (14-17 ft. lbs. max) and clear the codes once repairs are completed. -
Comment 1
Than You Herb, will try as you sug. we live remote and need to go to Library to get internet. thx for such a Quick responce...{: -
Answer 2
yes you can -