Can I intentionally damage the seal on the sliding doors of my van? on 2000 Honda Odyssey

I have read that the seal stripping needs replaced on the Honda Odyssey which will fix the too much suction issue that leads to them sealing too much and refusing to open. Rather than pay to replace these, is there a way to compromise the existing seals?

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Clean them and lube with silicone based grease. Are they power doors or manual?
Manual doors. I did call the dealer. No recall or offer to change out the seals for low cost. He did suggest silicon grease tho. I have some on order.
Are the center rollers grinding/sloppy or is it smooth movement? Also does the rear of the door drop more than an 1/8" when opening?
No grinding or drop. Doors work well. They just stick at times and necessitate a shoulder push from the inside. Sometimes though, even that doesn't work.
Do the handles(latches) work the same on both sides (inside and out)? Do either of them 'pop' as the door releases from the striker?
No. The handles each work equally well. 80% of the time (when husband is nearby), the door opens fine. The problem seems purely too much duction, like the seal is glued to the door.
OK , try lubing all the seals and let me know how that goes , I'll check back in a few days.
I ordered lube the dealer suggested. It won't arrive until Friday.
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No. if you purposely damage the seals to have the door open easier, it will lead to water leaks and wind noise. The only remedy to this problem is to change the seals. On the TSB for this issue from Honda, they note that a "goodwill" consideration is available, but must be requested from the customer from the district service manager or zone office. Personally, I would talk to the district manager to have the repair done under an extended warranty claim since this problem borders on a safety issue. In the event of an accident, rear passengers could not get out because the door won't open.