1997 Chevrolet Blazer Q&A

1997 Chevrolet Blazer Question: Can I drive without my rear drive shaft?

I have a 4x4 '97 blazer. My back differential ate the pinion gear. Can I put the truck in 4x4, remove the rear drive shaft and effectively drive in front wheel drive for a short term fix? -
Answer 1
I believe the answer is yes, but you will likely need to remove the ring gear also because the pinion will be jammed on it. I did the same thing with a late 70s pickup. Start shopping for a good used axle soon. -
Comment 1
Actually the pinion sheared off all of the teeth but it still engages enough to drive it but i don't trust it not to leave my stuck in the middle of no where. Would it be ok to drive it for a while in 'front' wheel drive as long as the back diff is sealed, free of obstructions and filled with fresh oil? Thanks a million for the input. I had a hunch it would be ok but you never know. Hutch -
Comment 2
Just so you are aware, after you do this mod your blazer won't pull like a front wheel drive car does. For an example, I got stuck in 2 inches of snow in a parking lot after I did the same. I guess the weight distribution, and axle position are not right. Avoid the headache and stay on the pavement until you get the axle fixed. -
Answer 2
Agree with first answer, ring gear will have to come out! Everything else stays. Except the driveshaft of course. -