Can I drive it? on 2009 Porsche Boxster

I have a Porsche Boxter 2009 PDK AUTO Transmission with 1000 miles. I had a message :Emergency Transmission Run" and the car was shifting gears like hessitating. When I got home, I turned off the engine. 15 minutes later I ride the car just a little bit with no problems. I schedule an appointment with the dealer but I have to wait 5 days until it can be seen. Can I still drive my car? Will I be stranded in the road? I read some similar stories and they said is due to low voltage.

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I would call the dealership back and press on them to get the vehicle in sooner, or get you a loaner/rental car. The vehicle is not safe to drive if the transmission is acting up, and you need to let them know how concerned you are about this. If it is the dealer you purchased the vehicle from, you may want to talk with your sales person and see if they can help, perhaps they can get you a car to drive or push on the service dept. for you. Good Luck, let me know what they do for you.