can I change transmission fluid on 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

Car has 200,200 mi on it and was told not to flush the transmission due to it never being changed. However, it was said that I just drop the trans fluid pan, empty it, change filter, replace the fluid without flushing the transmission. Is this true?

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I've heard recommendations to change the transmission fluid even on cars whose manufacturer says they are good for life. It can never hurt to change the fluid, and thus is cheap insurance against a problem.

Many manufacturers recommend against using flushing machines and equipment to change the fluid. Just changing the fluid and filter is what is required as basic, good maintenance.
There is no traditional 'filter' on your transmission. There is a mesh screen inside that will catch large debris (if there is a failure - which in my opinion doesn't do much good). Always flush your mitsubishi transmission fluid every 30,000 miles unless you own an EVO.