Can feel brakes surging(?) when coming to a stop or slowing down. on 2006 Mercedes-Benz E350

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Feels like the rotors need to be turned, surges. Has new rotors front and rear, new pads, new alloy wheels and new tires. What else can cause this problem? Thanks, Jerry
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Even though they are new rotors they are mounted to the hubs. If it not caused by worn suspension bushings it may be necessary to remove the wheels support the vehicle reattach the lug nuts to the hubs to secure the discs and then rotate the brake disc and note using a dial indicator to measure run out. The hubs may have been "dirty" or "un- true" or you may have a defective rotor but at least checking this way will eliminate the problem as being rotor related.
Are the parts factory parts? if not, the rotors may be warped, out of the box. Strange as this may sound, I have had some bad parts right out of the box, even when I have worked at Dealerships.
If the parts are stellar, then check your ABS system next, it may be a pulsation from that system.