Can catalytic converter cause car to lose power, shake, and make brakes hard? on 2003 Toyota Solara

Changed the top catalytic converter and the car goes about 2 miles and loses power, shakes, and brakes smell like they are burning. Once car cools down for about 20 mins can drive but will happen again.

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Have the brakes checked to see if they are still applied without pushing pedel, ASAP. Possible fire danger if the brakes get hot enough!!
Possible brake booster, master cyl.etc!
but all os this happens at the same time the car loses power, starts shaking, and then the brakes smell like they are burning. Would a bad brake booster or master cylinder case all these problems if their bade?
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A restricted or plugged cat can cause loss of power. Don't forget you still have a downstream cat and a muffler that could plug up. This should not be a problem with an experienced PAT(PROFESSIONAL AUTO TECH) to diagnose it.
you likely have contaminated brake fluid(power steering fluid) is what we see most. take the master cylinder cap off , flip upside down , look at the rubber - if swelling the you got problems. at a minimum m/cyl , front brake lines and front calipers w/ a flush. anything the power steering fluid touches (petroleum based) will stick and swell. and the answer is no , you cannot flush it out and and be done with it as it sticks to rubber.