2010 Jeep Patriot Q&A

2010 Jeep Patriot Question: Can bad tires cause computer codes? I just left the shop after a diagnostic test

The shop could not determine why the ABS and anti skid light keep going on and off. They suggested it is the tires. However, the dash also says I need an oil change which was done three weeks ago and the brakes are not acting right. Now once in a while the pedal kind of shudders when I brake. Any thoughts? -
Answer 1
abs is coming on causing shudder in brake pedal. if it is all wheel drive, tires can cause concern especially if it has different tires or tire size. also if 2 new or 2 worn more than other 2. -
Answer 2
Have ABS scanned for codes. Most likely a wheel speed sensor intermittently dropping out. -