Can anyone recommend a remanufactured PCM #5W6Z-12A650-AFRM for my 2005 Tbird? on 2005 Ford Thunderbird

PCM died at 90,000 miles... Need to get this beautiful car running again so I can drive it out of the local Ford servicing dept where it has been for over 5 months.

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they can't get you one? try googling for ecm and put in your part number. remember buying on line is a big risk but you are stuck.good luck
Yes, thanks. Did that and looks like one has been found (remanufactured). Wish us luck with it.
I am looking for a PCM for my Ford TBird. Did you find one? Where? Would you mind sending me the contact info. Haven't had my car for 2 1/2 months and really miss driving it.
Hi did you find a PCM yet, my dad has been with out his T-Bird for 2 months also and the Ford comp. can't say when we can get one in or even if they can, If anyone can please help out that would good, Thanks