Can anybody give me real good ideal how much labor would be for these repairs. on 2000 Toyota Sienna

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I live in missouri and looking at getting serptine belt replaced and alternator replaced and clean battery cables and change the oil & filter and check all fuilds. I just need a good ideal on the labor cost. I already bought the parts. Thanks
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Book time for serpentine belt is .5hrs, Alternator replacement 1.3hrs, battery service .35hrs, oil& filter change .30hrs for a total of 2.45hrs of labor multiplyed by the labor rate your shop charges. Hope this helps, good luck!
Whats a going shop rate in little city of 18,000 people. What can i except to probably be charged an hour. Thanks
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In my area shop prices run between $40.00 and $90.00 per hour depending on if it is a dealership or Independent shop. Just call around to a few in your area, ask their rate and if they will install customer parts.