Can aftermarkets solve my problem? on 2002 Mazda Protege5

I have a hole in my front catylitic converter, is there an aftermarket exhaust system that can be purchased to offset cost of the $700+ part, plus the labor? Is there an aftermarket that can connect direct to the manifold for cheaper?

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you best bet is got purchase a header, im not sure what you mean by "front" cat, the protege has 2, one attached directly to the manifold than the second one is a little bit after it, the first one on the manifold is what has the O2 sensors before/after, if you get rid of it, like what i did, putting a header on there, your check engine light comes on, but you get horsepower, and for inspection just disconnect your battery for 5 mins than run it threw, takes about 1 hour for the CE light to come back on. if its the second cat and its just a leak, take a sawsaww and cut off before it and after, than replace it with some pipe, pipeconnectors and exhaust clamps, in that case you wont need to weld, and your lookin at about 30-50 dollars at autozone/ or advanced auto parts