Can A/C be installed in this car? on 2008 Chevrolet Aveo5

I purchased a '08 Chevy Aveo with the C66 Air Conditioning Provisions For Dealer-Installed A/C Kit option. What is that? And, can A/C be installed in this car? The car is an Aveo 5dr HB SVM. If so, how difficult is it?

Thanks. Tom Galey

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It means GM had a kit available to put ac in this car.
Your first step is to just find out if the kit is still available and how much it costs. Ask the parts dept, not
the service dept. Once you know that price, you can ask
the service dept. what the labor cost is. You will be
completely shocked. When ac is installed in the factory,
it does not have a dash or engine, which makes it so much easier to install stuff. Now, with the car finished, someone has to remove everything then install all the ac stuff. And no, you cannot install this yourself.