can a rear-end collision damage rear suspension (stabilizer arms/links) on 2003 Honda Accord

I was completely stopped at a stoplight (with my foot on the brake) when I was rear-ended. I did not hit anyone in front of me as I routinely try to leave a car length gap even when stopped. I did though, experience quite a jolt as well as my 65 lb dog riding shotgun (I reacted by throwing my arm out in front of her to keep her from hitting the dash/ending up on the floor) I am currently receiving therapeutic massage as well as treatment from a Chiropractor for my whiplash. I drive a Honda Accord and the other person was driving a jeep wrangler with a
square steel bumper and maybe going 35-40 mph. Although insurance does not believe that the damage to my car is bad enough to warrant my injuries or the fact that I began noticing a "clunking" from the back end of my car since the collision. It is believed by insurance to be just my bumper, but I know it was a harder (more solid) hit than they are trying to admit to (given that my foot was on the brake (and therefore my car did not budge) & the jeep bumper was not the plastic/Styrofoam type my car has) In closing, could the collision have caused damage to the rear suspension of my Honda (ie: stabilizing bar)?

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Most likely it 'aggravated' an already existing issue , to a noticable level. Also quite possibly , because of the collision , you've become more alert to noises your car is making(that could be a good thing for your car).Worry about yourself and your dog first!
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it may have but insurance don't like to pay for them cuz they are a wearing part and frequently wear out they are not expensive but good luck with your injurys
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I experienced similar...Honda CRV...huge Ford Econoline van, dead stop at light. Rear suspension is off the chart, has been shaking since I picked it up at body shop. I was told it was license plate rattling. The my tires got chewed up. Suspension was never checked at body shop. I have "frozen shoulder", therapy, and constant PAIN. On and on, from them refusing to cover the suspension and tires to diminishing amount of shoulder pain....! Sorry to vent, your story and mine so similar.