Can a problem with the mass air intake sensor cause the cruise control to go out on 2002 Buick Regal

Put my car in - they replaced the mass air intake sensor. I had cruise control before they fixed it, but not after. The mechanic said there were two codes on the cruise control before they changed the sensor. I used the cruise on my way to the shop to see what was wrong. Now it doesn't work at all. I am concerned that what they did made the cruise stop working.

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Thanks. I will take it and have someone look at it asap. I appreciate your concern.
You can also check yourself real quick. Your mass air flow sensor is located right by your air filter. I assume mechanic showed you what he was replacing. Check any hoses attached to duct between there and your throttle body which is at other end of that duct on top of motor. Just make sure all hoses attached- shouldn't have any dangling or cracked. If disconnected look right near that area and should easily see where is goes. Look at other hoses to- real easy inspection. Good luck!
Thanks so much. I will do that very thing. I still LOVE looking under the hood of a car! (even thought I'm 63 and pretty crippled up with arthritis and post polio syndrome) - I guess it's in my blood.
Your welcome. Yeah could be very simple issue. Good luck with car and your health!
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The mass air flow sensor has nothing to do with the cruise control. They could've possibly left a vacuum hose off when replacing sensor or if they did any type of software update on pcm or tcm problem could lie there.
The mechanic said there were two "codes" on the cruise control when they put the machine on the car to test it. He said that possibly the mass air flow sensor had made the cruise control short out or something????? I didn't know anything about the codes....I just know that when I took it in, I had cruie and when I got it back, I didn't. I am not accusing him or his workers of doing anything....just wondered what the deal was. Thanks for the reply. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
Something doesn't make sense to me. Maybe you had codes on PCM- your computer but codes on cruise control- I don't think so. Never seen a code that even mentions cruise control system. I'm sure you took it in the fix problem from check engine light being on or the way it was running but came out with other problem. Sounds like they're tryin to pass the buck. They may have simply left vacuum hose off.
Thanks for your reply. Many friends have recommended this place to me - I have placed total trust in them, but this makes me wonder - especially considering the way he talked to me and the attitude he showed me over the phone. I will not be returning to that business - ever! Will look around for someone else to do whatever work needs doing on my car from now on. Really appreciate your thoughts and comments. I am a single woman - and though my dad was a mechanic and I "worked on cars" with him, things are much different now than then, so I don't know as much any more. Thanks again. Have a great week and a blessed and holy Easter.
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