Can a novice install a pigtail in rear passenger light? Will that fix dash also? on 2001 Chevrolet Venture

Rear passenger lights and dash blinker lights both started problem at the same time, not working sporadically. Dash blinker lights: most of the time blink together when I use them, sometimes both stay lit, never tried to fix. Rear passenger lights: have changed bulbs, circuit board. Saw the 1 melted part on circuit board and corresponding hole melted on plug on ponytail.(is my name of part correct,"ponytail"?)
It did not fix it when I put the circuit board in because of the plug on ponytail even though I tried to clean it up some. How long is ponytail? Does is just plug in on the opposite end also?

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Ponytail, pigtail i know what ya mean!! I think you can get the connector for the crcuit board at NAPA. Then wire it into the existing harness.