Can a ignition coil gmround out on the engine block. on 1991 Chevrolet S10

I replaced the coil. it stars unmounted but not mounted to. The block

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It's supposed to be mounted to the engine! That's why it comes with bracket and bolts. Check the wires going to the coil as they are in a different position when mounted. You could unmount the coil, start engine, move coil around to see if engine stalls. Another test: with coil unmounted, start engine and ground the mounting bracket of the coil to see if engine stalls, if it does, coil is defective!
Note: these coils usually are NOT the cause of no spark! Keep this in mind if this coil thing don't pan out!!! Post results for more info..
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yes it can ck all wiring and mounting locations
Make sure u have good body ground to eng and bat
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