Can a fuel pump just suddenly quit, or does it go bad progressively? on 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe

The other day my Tahoe would simply not start. I've got half a tank of gas, battery is working (car won't start even if jumped), starter is fine, and I have spark and vacuum on the throttle body. Car won't start even if I put gas or starter fuel in the throttle body (although it shows greater promise when I do that). I took out the fuel filter and back washed and dired it, but that didn't help (although it has no obstructions). Measured fuel pressure and got a big zero, so that's my problem right there. Checked the pump relay and got 80 ohms of resistance -- does this means it is working correctly? I'd just hate to drop that tank and the cash for a $250 pump if there is any alternative fix that would take care of this. Thanks for your help!

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I have seen them cause no starts at gas stations or at home, but also have seem them die while driving. So, yes it is very possible for them to suddenly stop working. I would also replace the relay with the pump, and ohm check will not account for very small pitting on the contacts, which can lead to future problems.
Thanks for your reply! I'll follow up here with what I find...
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Chevy fuel pumps are always suspect esp in the trucks. I would check for fuel pressure, if there is none check power and grounds at the pump. If they are good it needs a fuel pump. They are also good for melting the harnesses at the pump.
Thanks for your reply. I'll check the power at the pump (hope doing so is pretty obvious, b/c I'm learning as I go). Any wisdom here is appreciated. What I'm guessing is that I need power on one cable only, right? Are there more than two going in? (It sucks to be a rookie.) :D