Can a front end accident cause the timing chain to break? on 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

The truck was running fine when it got into the accident, now they are telling me because the timing chain broke I will need to replace the whole engine. I feel the insurance should cover this, but need some data to support. As we all know the insurance Co. is balking at paying for that. Please help.

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did accident cause radiator to hit water pump that would have caused water pump to damage timing chain cover?
I will check, I do know that they didn't need to do anything to radiator as far as body work portion. But what you are talking about would be on interior side of radiator. Correct.
yes if no radiator work was done to repair i doubt it caused timing chain issues
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Your vehicle should have a fuel pump reset switch- it's safety switch to cut power to pump in case of accident. Maybe that simple!
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