can a electrical problem stop a 99 yucon denali transmission from moving on 2000 GMC Yukon Denali

i changed my transmission! 1st problem motor wouldnt start unless i went to starter. seems the small wire no longer worked. i figured we pinched it. so we ran another wire to crank only had power when starting truck.i noticed gear shift light was out!(whatever)so anyway it worked this way for a week.then a quiet clank and then i lost all gears at about 10 mph.when i shift threw gears motor idle doesnt change what happened?please tell me!i would rather change an eletrical part than the whole transmission! thanks for any suggestions.

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you need someone to look at veh and give you an est. sounds like you have electriacl issues for sure.
So you think it could be eletrical? thing is truck is at work in another town i am going to tow it but where transmission shop (ouch) or a shop dealing with eletrical (double ouch)and i dont want to be towing it all over town (more money)this is on top of the fact that it was in a transmission shop during christmas.i purchased a junkyard tranny that ended in not having drive (sure just bring back the trans and we will give you another)wasted money on labor. but they did there job! so i hired some help got it in. now heres the other trans broke after driving it a week. the other thing is i live in mass and its like 10 degrees out!and snowing every other day in fact it was snowing the day it broke and very wet out.i had to get out in 3'' of water so i couldnt even look under it i thought it was a u joint but i put in 4 wheel and it still didnt move and aaa only would tow in town that day cause of to many calls well maybe you have a few suggestions what to check for that could keep a trans from moving i really like to go there and do whatever to just bring it home its been there a week already. spending money is becoming an issue i already spent 1600. thanks jim
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