Can a disconnected item in the fuel system cause damage to the EVAP Solenoid? on 2000 Honda Odyssey

The dealership did a spark plugs replacement, oil change, and state inspection. The engine malfunction light came on immediately afterwards. They found it was a disconnected item in the fuel system and connected it. The malfunction light still came back. Now they are saying that I have the P1457 code and need to replace EVAP Bypass Solenoid Vave and the canister.

I am wondering if the damage to the Evap system was due to their mistake of leaving an item in the fuel system disconnected.

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what was left undone??

They said that the fuel connector was not connected. They did not give me anything in writing, so it is hard to recall the terms exactly.

Thanks a lot for your reply. A quick question-- the state inspection involves looking for Evaporative control system components-- could that have damaged the EVAP system?
if it was in the back by the evap system, yes. all the work you describe was in the front so I doubt it. call them back and get more exact info. talk to the service manager and have him find out. it sounds like you spent a lot on the work. it is the least they can do.