can A arms cause steering wheel vibration on breaking? on 2005 Hyundai Tucson

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I am haveing problems with the front end shimmying when I break. The mobile machanice I had look at it said I should have my front rotor cut but the a arm bushings had a tear in them. He also said that he could not replace just the bushings but had to replace the entire arm. I just don't want to be hosed. And I don't tend to trust anyone I just met. Help please.
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yes front end play could be caused by the busings that attatch the control arms to the chassis! it could also be the front rotors being warpped causing a vibration. bent wheel, out of round tire/s may also be affecting steering vibration. could not tell you much more without car info and looking at vehicle so call and set up an appontment and we will get you an answer as well as exact price