Nissan Altima Problem Report

Nissan Altima Camshaft Sensor Leaking Oil Into Connector

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The Camshaft position sensor can leak oil into its electrical connector causing the Check Engine light to illuminate. The engine may also stall intermittently as a result.

I had to hit the curb to stop because it was raining. I did not want to hit car next to me so I hit the curb. I was told it was the crank sensors and they were replaced. Then the next day it malfunctioned and had one replaced. Now I hear a clicking sound and I was told it was the axle. How much of my money does this mechanic want and should I trust him. That was $427.00 now I am looking at another $25-300. -
Car stalls/dyes intermittantly. Check engine light on. CAM sensor code. -
Replaced sensor. New sensor led to failure, another new sensor led to failure as well (engine shuts off, goes into failsafe mode when restarted.)Removed connector, disassembled connector, inspected wires and found no apparent weak spots or wire failure. Pushed the bare contacts onto the sensor terminals one by one and realized they barely made contact. I used a tiny screwdriver to bend contacts inside to improved contact, checked them one by one again with apparent improvement in contact, reassembled connector, waiting to see if fault develops again. -
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