Camshaft Sensor Repair on 2004 Nissan Maxima

I felt something weird when I was driving about a week ago, on the highway. Like a hesistation. A few days later, while I was stuck in traffic and moving very slowly, my car just cut off and the engine light came on. When I tried to restart it, it almost didn't turn over. I took it to Pep Boys and they did a diagnotic test that said it was the Camshaft Sensor Malfunction. I did some research to find out that this was a common problem. Also, a few weeks ago when I went for an oil change they told me I had an oil leak. From what I have read, the two could be related. My question is, PepBoys want to do a driveability test to make sure that the camshaft sensor is the problem. I am pretty sure that it is, and I am SO strapped for cash that I dont want to have to pay for this test in addition to the repair. Should I just have them repair it without doing the additional test? Im also waiting on an estimate from them. About how much can I expect to pay? Oh and btw, I already contacted Nissan and they said according to my VIN there was no recall. :(

by in Los Angeles, CA on November 09, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 14, 2010
Unquestionably, it's best to know what one can know about a given situation. I myself would test the sensors and determine whether that's the problem for sure but I know how to do it and it wouldn't cost me anything. If your car has a Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP) trouble code, you may well take a chance and have it replaced, especially if it's a common problem. I see quoted 0.5 hr for one sensor and 0.7 hr to replace both. The CMPs are about $90 each. You need to know which is causing problems, the trouble code should tell you. I don't like oil leaks, I think it'd be well to fix those too. Here's a directory link for you if you want to find a Nissan specialist:
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