camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor on 2004 Nissan Quest

I have got a diag chk done and it's the camshaft sensor,I replaced it still does the same thing.Now I put back diag now it's the crankshaft sensor.The vehicle shuts off while driving like a fuel problem can any body help.THX

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this model has a tsb from nissan to change cam and crank sensor at the same time as they have had this exact issue. my advice is to first have a trusted shop diagnose it. this can save you a ton of money when you are buying dealer parts. and dealer parts are what you need for this repair. i have seen aftermarket sensors on this model not work out of the box. have it diagnosed and save some moner though!
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I had a similar problem with two separate Nissans, and learned from a dealership repair shop as well as a private shop, that the two sensors usually need to be replaced at the same time. The sensors work so closely together that they need to be fixed at the same time or the problem will persist.