Dodge Ram 1500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram 1500 Cam Sensor Failure Causing no Start or Stalling

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On the 3.7L V6 and 4.7L V8 the camshaft position sensor may fail and cause the engine to crank but not start or it can cause intermittent stalling. A failed camshaft sensor will require replacement.

vehicle would shudder and stall as if out of fuel. Cam sensor was replaced ,no further problem. -
cam postions senor problem -
Last year we replaces my Camshaft Sensor A. Three weeks ago my truck took twenty minutes to start but i didnt have another problem until yesterday. My truck wouldnt start, I could hear my starter turning but that was all. I tried to start it a couple more times but got nothing. I came back after work and it started but the check engine light was on. I got home and my husband checked the code and it again.said Camshaft Sensor A. I am starting to think this will be a yearly occurance.... -
truck stalls and check engine light comes on.the reading is crankshaft sensor,but when replaced it got -
Stalling we we would slow down at red lights or in slow traffic. We couldnt figure out what it was until it just wouldnt start. So we replaced the Cam Sensor and that solved the problem. -
5.7 Hemi engine stalling and difficult to re-start. Check engine light came on with Camshaft Position Sensor fault code. -
check engine light came on. computer showed cam sensor bad.4.7v8 will be fixed soon an not by dodge dealer. -
Had sensor replaced 1 month ago it has gone out again, I will take it back to the repair shop when I can get it cranked! -
Have replaced the cam sensor 3 times and still stalling -
My check in engin light came on took it to the dealer and a p0301 code and it said it was a cam sensor which it was fixs then it was timed together with crank sensor which the dealer said when u fix one or the other U have to put in computer and time them together because if not it will keep on give u a fake reading -
Would stall at traffic lights and cuff off going down road when we touch the brake. Would crank back up engine light started flashing. Took to dealership they put on computer it showed the code was a crankshaft position sensor. -
05 Ram 1500 quad cab 4.7 ticking at top end and stalls a lot put new lifters in still ticks.Have re placed placed all sensors and modules known for truck and it still stalls.The truck has been put on diagnostic several times at different mechanic shops and no one can find whats causing problems.Have talked to Dodge Dealers and get this, none of them even knew that people are having these problems.Im lost dont know what to do . So far spent $1500.00 and truck still is not fixed AAHHHHGGG!!!! -
Replaced fuel pump replaced crank sensor ! Has fuel pressure n spark ! Problem is carb is not getting fuel ! Why ?? -
My dodge ram 1500 2004 , has been having this sensor code for about two weeks now. I have taken it to aamco ,4 time already. They have replace the sensor and the wiring harness. They have also reprogrammed my cpu. The next day the light returned with new codes, one code had to do with the brakes and the other had to do with 4 wheel drive.Now, my truck is only two wheel drive. At this point i not even sure on what to do next. -
started wth slight miss, filled wth fuel ,mid-grade.added one bottle of heet fluild 6 oz, no change! ck for vac leaks. then went and changed all 8 plugs !!! number 6 was oilsoaked. stopped driving truck just for parts! last time it was driven was december 1st-2014. went 7blocks from my house . It caught on fire and has not ran scence .the explosgine was so bad it blew the vaule covers into shrapnel.and all the components,radi battery,everything plastic. wiring harness is showing copper wire! -
my dodge 1500 2002 i was on my way to put gas truck and the shot down on me after that the not want start i repalced the cam sensor but still dont start the turn but not start. -
CEL on indicator bad sensor. CEL was intermittent and clears. Replace sensor before it would not start or stall -
Change mother and still won't start -
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