2007 Toyota Camry Q&A

2007 Toyota Camry Question: Camry v6 2007. Cylinder 2 has misfire with 155 PSI. Can I continue to drive?

Seeing the check engine light's on, sent the car a toyota dealer, which changed the ignition coil of cylinder#2. A day after, the light's on again, the dealer changed the spark plug. Then the light's blinking in a few hours. The mechanic of the dealer did the compression test and saw #2 has 155 PSI and each of the rest cylinders has 188 PSI. I was told I need replace the engine since the #2 cyclinder's wall was worn. What can I do? Thanks! -
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i suggest you use the auto diagnostic tool to check your car, mvci toyota tis suit for your car. http://www.chinasinoy.com/wholesale/mvci-toyota-tis-honda-hds-volvo-dice.html -
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Thanks a lot! Is this a kind of diagnosis code reader? -