camero still wont stay started on 1990 Chevrolet Camaro

recently bought a 1989 camero rs 2.8 MPFI that had sat for 1 yr but ran before that. it cranked but wouldn't start (started with carb cleaner spray but would immeditly die)fuel pump didn't run checked relays,fuses ect. changed out FP,new plugs (still nothing) was giving me a MAF code got new MAF sensor and relay ,code went away but still not starting. Seemed like it wasn't getting fuel did fuel filter (with the FP)checked fuel feed and return lines and checked fuel pressure getting 43lbs (book says 34-47 lbs)just dosent seem like injectors are firing was going to check them tomorrow wanted to see if anybody had any ideas?

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These cars dont like sitting ,ihad 4 of them and still have original iroc-z 86.
when you turn key on ,listen for 2 second prime ,or stick funnel in tank ,have some one listen if pump going on.
i think that single wire on positive side of batt clamp feeds the pump 12volts like the got more checking to do ,like spark,
injector pulse,etc..
thanks for your response yes I can hear the FP 2 second prime I am getting spark from ignition coil and spark through all plug wires. what is the best way to check the injector pulse?
Gotto go to part store and get a noid light ..
ok thanks ill do that next