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1997 Ford Explorer Question: cam shaft or cam shaft sensor

how difficult to replace cam shaft or cam shaft sensor -
Answer 1
Replacement of the camshaft is a major job ( day and a half labor) and rarely fails on a Ford Explorer unless you had oil starvation problems. The camshaft position sensor is a key input needed by your vehicles computer to control ignition timing and fuel delivery. Cam sensor replacement is about .6 hours plus approx $50 to $60 for the part, then reset computer test drive and verify fix. -
Comment 1
I know this was over a year ago that you answered this, but you mention it costs $50 to $60 for the cam sensor part. Any idea where one could purchase one? I can't seem to find one for sale ANYWHERE. Ford sells the full camshaft sensor and synchronizer for a cool $700. Not going to go there. I have a 93 Explorer. -
Comment 2
I see one listed on www.rockauto.com for between $40 and $90 depending on manufacturer. -
Answer 2
the time of the chain -
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