Cam sensor was replaced engine light still on on 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Cam sensor was replaced engine light still on.OBDII results the codes are p0421,p0340,p0335.Also just replaced the coil recently.Since then RPMs are high when starting.

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P0421 indicates low 'warm-up' catalytic converter efficiency. Your check engine light would still be on for that. P0335 and P0340 indicate a camshaft position sensor corcuit problem.
I don't have enough information to know about the high idle problem. could be related to having no cam sensor signal.
Find yourself a Mistu specialist, here's a directory link for you:
I forgot to mention that the A/c when its on. It makes the car shake and stall? Went to Pep Boys today thinking a air intake leak, maybe. But they said their scanner was having problems communicating with my computer. And they said to check my fuel system. Injectors and mass sensor? By the way is the Cam sensor different from the cam synchronizer. Or is it the same part? Do both need replacing at same time? To answer your quest about throttle cold start 2- 2.5 make sense?? So you suggest starting with the. Crank shaft sensor and going from there? Thanks ALOT means so much to me I appreciate you time and knowledge Just have limited funds and I need to know where to start.