cam sensor on 1994 Ford Escort

to replace it do you have to pull the heads

by in Minneapolis, MN on July 02, 2010
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ANSWER by on July 02, 2010
No its at the driver's side rear of the cylinder head, dark green and a light blue wire attached to it I think. A little over an hour to change.
COMMENT by on July 08, 2010
I finally found my cam sensor and I detached the wires and sprayed with electrical contact cleaner as well as the gizmo that it's attached to above it that was loose and I tightened it. I'm not sorry I bought the oxygen sensor, worth 140,000 miles, because it got me a new code number, from 412 to 214 at Pep Boys (free code check). I also sprayed the MAFS real good, and anything else I could find. Drove the car 12 miles and no more Check Engine light for now. I'll keep my 1994 Escort LX a couple of years more now that I have a new headliner, detailed inside and out, 2 new tires etc. JohnnyB
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