Caliper Pin & Brake Wear on 2005 Saturn Relay

Just had fornt axle, front & rear brakes pads, rotors and CV shaft replaced 4 months ago now hearing grinding noises and repair place say I now need caliper pins replaced. Was this something that should have been checked then? Are they trying to gouge me b/c I'm female?

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I would say yes, they should have inspected and found the worn caliper pins when they were doing all of the previous work. Why don't you get a second opinion, so you can rest your mind?
Caliper Pins should not be very expensive, by the, they are just round shafts and should not cost you hundreds of dollars, more like $20 per pin.
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the pins set is like $7 and you get top and bottom both. i did my brakes 97 sl2 and snapped both sides, top pin.