Cadillac XTS Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Cadillac XTS

They replace so much before i bought it,just found out from dealer

Below 61 degrees selected blows cold air, above 61 degrees selected blow hot air constantly. Fan does not change speeds no mater what temp set on situ attic setting.

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Corrosion may develop at the brake booster pump connector at the pump relay due to a missing cavity plug. This corrosion can cause excessive heat, resulting in the connector melting and possibly catching on fire. Dealers will apply sealant to the affected connector cavity plugs and re-route the vacuum pump vent hose. If damaged, the front body wiring harness will be replaced as necessary.

Certain vehicles are being recalled because of concerns with the brake lights and cruise control operation. The brake lights can come on when the brakes are not applied and/or the cruise control may disengage. These functions are controlled by the Body Control Module (BCM). Your GM dealer will reprogram the BCM to correct this concern.

The rear seat head restraints may not lock in the upright position after being folded forward. If the head restraint is at its lowest position and it falls forward, it will not meet the height required by the federal safety standards. In the event of a vehicle crash, the lowered head restraint may increase the occupant's risk of neck injury. General Motors dealers will replace the affected head restraints to correct this concern. The General Motors recall number is 12258.

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