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2007 Cadillac STS-V
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Cadillac STS-V
$869 to $1,132
Cadillac STS-V
$477 to $812
Cadillac STS-V
$241 to $389
Cadillac STS-V
$440 to $603
Cadillac STS-V
$897 to $1,705

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A loose or worn gas cap could be cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

The front turn signal and and daytime running light bulbs are prone to premature failure. Our technicians tell us that these bulbs can be very difficult to replace.

The rear axle pinion seal may leak causing fluid loss and possible internal rear end damage. Replacing the faulty seal will commonly correct this concern.

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also engine light came on,and engine ot when it is not

What size is headlight bulbs come the sts v 2007. Fog light to?

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Purchased used under dealer CPO. I had a winshield replaced under warranty as it was delaminating,,,was no problem dealer took care of problem lickity-split! This is not your grandpa's old cadi it is an awsome fast ride for such a big luxry package. So far I have fallen in love with the 469 HP V8 Supercharged engine.

WOW. just WOW.

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