Cadillac ATS Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Cadillac ATS

Cadillac ATS
$27 to $95
Cadillac ATS
$71 to $151
Cadillac ATS
$195 to $390
Cadillac ATS
$163 to $310
Cadillac ATS
$92 to $188

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The struts broke and the wheel pulled free of the front axle. Struts used to be steel but now aluminum and seem very weak!! shouldn't have caused this damage.

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The rear defroster coil antenna may produce excessive heat and cause a fire hazard due to continual operation. Dealers will update the electronic climate control module to remove the automatic rear defogger "on" function free of charge to resolve the concern.

The sliding roof panel may close inadvertently due to the switch being triggered on accident. The switch and its bezel is not designed properly. Dealers will replace the roof console accessory switch trim plate free of charge to resolve the concern.

A switch that automatically controls the operation of the roof panel is not correctly recessed and may be activated accidentally. Any objects or passengers in the open roof area under closure may be crushed or injured as a result. Dealers will replace the surrounding switch trim to recess the switch and guard against accidental operation.

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