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having problems with my 2007 cadillac srx AWD v6 3.5 with 160,000 miles on it. starts and idles with no issues. it has had a new transmission at 135,000 miles. there are no codes being thrown. when driving it has an i...
I had it put on a computer and all it showed was that the passenger side 3 cylinders were getting more fuel dumped into them than the drivers 3, I have changed the purge solenoid just 11 months ago, the change in fuel...
when I just turn the key to start after putting gas in the engine sakes real bad. what causes this?
Where can I get it repaired other than a dealer.
car will grind or hangup when trying to go into park You can push the car and the shifter will go into park
The problem only occurs when it is raining or when there is wet snow or after I have a car wash. Nothing seems affected the vehicle works fine, and after the car drys up the message disappears.
can not find oil drain plug
Just purchased a certified pre owned 2007 Cadillac SRX with 47 K on it. Noted rough idle when cold, smooth when warm. Took back to dealer, who cleaned throttle body and injectors. Rough idle when cold and now rough id...
Very serious engine shutdown while foot is still on gas pedal(not off), while driving freeways at 65mph. After slowing down car will accelerate with a surge. Occasionally same thing while driving away from full stop a...
It has been suggested that I have the rear differential serviced at 60,000 miles. The manual states 75,000 miles is there a new problem?