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We just purchased this CAR used with 68,000 miles on it and I have been told that the above condition maybe signs that the Head Gasket is close to failing causing sever engine problems.. is this true?
Car won't always start with key but will with remote start button (aftermarket I believe). Engine will die when brake pedal touched unless I set the alarm (also aftermarket) open the door to activate alarm and push r...
Car sometimes starting park and sometimes in neutral but never 100% reliable. Battery seems to drain and the onboard system gave 30 currents codes. Could it be a tcc solenoid? Safety neutral switch? Pcm? Bcm? Ecm? Lin...
I changed out the battery and the car still dying after it sit at night.
Front passenger strut was laying on tire.so wr replace them with non electric strut and it's definitely different need to find a cheap set of electronic struts and where can I get rebuilt one's
can only get it to work on occasion but rear air works fine
My radio will not come on and the onstar will not go off and my battery is dead every morning
to the right or left; but the power steering fluid tank is full
was leaking tran fluid, added fluid drove no problem. leave to store and at stop sign car just revs but wont move in any gear. i cant feel the gears changing when i shift through them
Have replaced all spark plugs, coil packs, even air flow censer also has new fuel pump, and water pump
keyless remote, powerlocks, back up sensor, trunk release, gss latch release, interior lights ciggrette lighter, i checked all my fuses and they were all good and replaced the micro relay to the trunk release and gas ...