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The car will JERK when I press on the gas like the axle jerks
I was charged $733 total. $105 diagnostic, $169.99 for the mount and the rest in Labor. They did not itemize the labor hours and cost. Was that total high or average? They also lost a front wheel lug nut cover and sc...
When the car sits for a little there is a puddle of antifreeze under the car.
When I did all of those things I get code P0440
theres only water in radiator/reservoir now. what steps do i take to do it right and put the coolant in
the coolant leaked out apparently due to the cap the mechanic refilled it with water and fixed the cap and said it should be fine like that as long as it's not over-heating.etc
Dash board still says to change brake pads. Also wondering how to position the wear sensor. Don't know if I put them in right. Also if the front brakes were not bled properly, would it still come up to change pads? ...
Cost to replace ingition coil on 2001 sts?
Do you have to replace all of them if just one is bad?
some one told me it mite can be a fuze ora wire inside my key ignition mite ahve broke how can i fix it
How do I safely remove the right rear door panel?
takes afew seconds before the gauges work then it will start
is (Upper or lower radiator hose) ? 1-10 how difficult is it replace?
I read on ebay where a man wants to sell his Caddy STS because of the O/D Lockup Soloneid is making the service engine light stay on.Is this true or not.